Alipay officially launched the smart service card function, covering scenarios such as airports

A few days ago, the Alipay homepage officially launched the smart service card function. This function aggregates and displays a variety of service information based on scenes, which will help users obtain the required services with one click on the homepage. Previously, this feature has been the first to be tested in Beijing Universal Resort, and currently it has covered airports, railway stations, hospitals, scenic spots and other major scenes, including Beijing Daxing International Airport, Guangzhou Railway Station, Fudan University Affiliated Tumor Hospital, and Mount Putuo scenery Districts, etc., will be opened to more scenarios in the future.

It is reported that after authorization, users will be able to check tickets, check flights, and apply for temporary flight certificates directly on the Alipay homepage when they are in scenes such as airports and train stations; while in a hospital, they can register, check reports, and Carry out outpatient payment, etc.

When in the scenic spot, users can quickly make reservations for ticket purchases, get guided tours, and find nearby power banks on the homepage. Take Beijing Universal Resort as an example. When tourists open Alipay in the park, the smart service card of the applet of Beijing Universal Resort will appear on the homepage. You can go directly to Beijing Healthbao, check nearby power banks, and guide maps with one click. Serve. And click on the card to enter the mini program to book tickets and hotels, view themed stories, learn about the queue time and performance information of amusement facilities, and also recommend various hotels and restaurants.

In the second half of this year, the Alipay homepage carried out a lot of opening and integration actions around its ecology, and launched functions including “business service dynamic card”, “home page column card” and other functions. Among them, the “Merchant Service Dynamic Card” was officially launched at the end of July, allowing users to see the progress of related services on the homepage, and covering industries such as entertainment, hotel travel, food delivery, medical and health, and clicking the dynamic card to enter the mini program Page for details. The “Homepage Column Card” aggregates services such as medical and health, catering, fitness, citizen services, and non-detainment leasing, and provides users with recommendations and entrances.

In addition, Alipay has recently launched the “Alipay Small Wallet” applet. Users can create different small wallets according to their purposes, such as food, family expenses, travel, etc., to manage budgets and plan expenditures by category. At the same time, in addition to creating small pockets, you can also share pockets with others, manage them together, and share bills and income.

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