Alignment standard of coal mill and powder injection machine standard

During installation, it is usually satisfactory to make the traces of the coal-pulverized powder sprayer in the no-load state (the misalignment caused by the load of the steel ball is only a few hundredths of a millimeter). However, a final alignment check should be performed on 2 or 3 gear teeth under load. The contact marks are concentrated in the center of the gear teeth, indicating that the gear is aligned correctly. Generally speaking, the visible traces of the first no-load contact should exceed 50% of the tooth width and 40% of the tooth length.

It is important to know that it is difficult to obtain completely uniform contact marks, because geometric accuracy and surface cleanliness have very small imperfections, which will affect the contact marks under no load, resulting in a certain degree of incomplete contact marks. After the equipment reaches full load, the inspection method of frequency flash and the inspection results of the traces of the tooth surface scraping and grinding coal powder sprayer should be used as soon as possible to confirm the intact alignment state. If the runout of the rim end face is within the specified tolerance, the contact traces of the large gear should be quite stable. However, when there is obvious runout, the contact traces must be kept even. If there is a small deviation toward the end of the tooth surface, it is better to make the contact trace on the other end of the pinion tooth surface away from the driving end of the pinion gear heavier. Because, after the load is applied, the contact traces will spread towards the drive end. There is also a spinning motion around the suspension axis; the crushing process is completed by two stages of work in the crushing ring. When the material enters the crushing cavity, the rotating crushing ring impacts and crushes in the first section.

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