Aideli analyzes the development trend and direction of electric CNC machine tools

Aideli machine analyzes the electricityThe development trend and direction of CNC machine tools

1. Speed ​​up

With the rapid development of industries such as automobiles, national defense, aviation, and aerospace, as well as the application of new materials such as aluminum alloys, the requirements for high-speed machining of CNC machine tools are getting higher and higher.

a.Spindle speed: the machine tool adopts electric spindle(Built-in spindle motor), The maximum spindle speed is up to200000r/min

b. Feed rate: at resolution0.01μmWhen the maximum feed rate reaches240m/minAnd can obtain complex precision machining

c. Operation speed: The rapid development of microprocessors provides a guarantee for the development of CNC systems in the direction of high speed and high precision.CPUHas developed to32Bit and64The frequency of the digital control system is increased to several hundreds of megahertz or even gigahertz.Due to the greatly improved computing speed, when the resolution is0.1μm,0.01μmYou can still get up totwenty four~240m/minFeed rate

d. Tool change speed: currently the tool change time of foreign advanced machining centers has generally been1sAround, the high has reached0.5s.GermanyChironThe company designed the tool magazine into a basket style, with the spindle as the axis, the tools are arranged on the circumference, and the tool change time from tool to tool is only0.9s.

2. High precision

The accuracy requirements of CNC machine tools are now not limited to static geometric accuracy. The motion accuracy, thermal deformation, and vibration monitoring and compensation of machine tools are getting more and more attention.

a. improveCNCSystem control accuracy: adopts high-speed interpolation technology, realizes continuous feed with tiny program segments, makesCNCThe control unit is refined, and the high-resolution position detection device is used to improve the position detection accuracy, and the position servo system adopts feedforward control and nonlinear control methods.

b. Adopt error compensation technology: adopt backlash compensation, screw pitch error compensation and tool error compensation technology to comprehensively compensate the thermal deformation error and space error of the equipment.

c. Use a grid decoder to check and improve the accuracy of the motion trajectory of the machining center: Predict the machining accuracy of the machine tool through simulation to ensure the positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy of the machine tool, make its performance stable for a long time, can complete a variety of machining tasks under different operating conditions, and ensure the machining quality of the parts.

3. Functional composite

The meaning of the compound machine tool is to realize or complete as much as possible the processing of multiple elements from the rough to the finished product on a machine tool. According to its structural characteristics, it can be divided into two types: process compound type and process compound type. Machining center can complete Turning, milling, drilling, gear hobbing, grinding, laser heat treatment and other processes can complete all the processing of complex parts.With the continuous improvement of modern machining requirements, a large number of multi-axis linkage CNC machine tools are increasingly subject to various Welcome to big companies.

4. Intelligent control

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, in order to meet the development needs of manufacturing flexibility and manufacturing automation, the degree of intelligence of CNC machine tools is constantly improving. It is embodied in the following aspects:

5. Open system

a. Open to future technology: As the software and hardware interfaces follow the recognized standard protocol, it can adopt, absorb and be compatible with a new generation of general-purpose software and hardware.

b. Open to users’ special requirements: update products, expand functions, and provide various combinations of hardware and software products to meet special application requirements;

c. The establishment of numerical control standards: standardized programming languages ​​are not only convenient for users to use, but also reduce labor consumption directly related to operating efficiency.

6. Drive parallelization

It can realize multiple functions of multi-coordinate NC machining, assembly and measurement, and can better meet the processing of complex special parts. Parallel machine tools are considered to beThe most meaningful progress in the machine tool industry since the invention of CNC technologywith“twenty oneCentury’s new generation of CNC machining equipment.

7. Extreme(Enlargement and miniaturization)

The development of defense, aviation, and aerospace industries and the large-scale equipment of basic industries such as energy require the support of large-scale and good-performance CNC machine tools.And ultra-precision processing technology and micro-nano technology aretwenty oneCentury’s strategic technology requires the development of new manufacturing processes and equipment that can adapt to micro-miniature sizes and micro-nano processing precision.

8. Information exchange network

It can not only realize network resource sharing, but also realize remote monitoring, control, remote diagnosis and maintenance of CNC machine tools.

9. Green processing

In recent years, machine tools that do not use or use less coolant to achieve dry and semi-dry cutting energy-saving and environmentally friendly machine tools continue to appear. The general trend of green manufacturing has accelerated the development of various energy-saving and environmentally-friendly machine tools.

10. Application of multimedia technology

Multimedia technology integrates computer, audio-visual and communication technology, so that the computer has the ability to comprehensively process sound, text, image and video information.It can be integrated and intelligent in information processing and applied to real-time monitoring System and production site equipment fault diagnosis, production process parameter monitoring, etc., so it has great application value.

At present, the development of CNC machine tools is changing with each passing day. High-speed, high-precision, composite, intelligent, open, parallel drive, network, extreme, and green have become the trend and direction of the development of CNC machine tools.

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