A brief description of the structure of the lattice ball mill

The difference between the grid type ball mill and the overflow type ball mill is that there is an extra grid plate at the discharge end. There are many discharge holes on the grid. There are many radial ribs on the discharge end cover. The space between the grid plate and the end cover is divided into several fan-shaped chambers leading to the discharge port. A protective lining board (iron dustpan) is installed indoors. When the ball mill rotates, each fan-shaped chamber is like a lifting bucket, which lifts the pulp (material powder) flowing out of the grid plate hole to a level higher than the discharge port. In this way, the slurry (or powder) flows to the outside of the mill through the discharge port. Because of this lifting effect, the time that the slurry (or powder) stays in the mill is shortened, so the grid-type ball mill is changed to a forced-discharge ball mill.

From the movement process of the medium and materials in the mill, it is known that when the slurry (or powder) contacts the grid plate, it is handled and moved for the radial arrangement. The slurry flowing through the grid holes is not easy to return to the cylinder, so clogging often occurs.

The function of the discharge tube of the lattice ball mill is to discharge and protect the hollow journal. When wet grinding, the discharge tube can be made into a bell-mouth shape at the outer end to meet the discharge requirements.

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