A 50-year-old bridge in Henan built a 20-year-old bridge

Recently, the media reported the article “Vehicles on Zhengmi Road and Wangzhai River Bridge Fractured Please Detour”, which caused a strong response in the society. Readers have called to learn about the Wangzhai River Bridge. Some readers even questioned the construction of the bridge. Reader Mr. Du also drove to the site to check the damage of the bridge. Mr. Du suggested that the thickness of the bridge deck is only more than 10 cm, and the steel bars are not as thick as the thumb. Why is it designed for 50 years? A long-lived bridge has become a dangerous bridge after only 20 years of use? Should this waste of social resources be held accountable?

With Mr. Du’s questions, the reporter interviewed the Zhengzhou Highway Administration, the design and construction unit of Wangzhai River Bridge. A reporter from the Highway Administration saw a “Request from the Zhengzhou Highway Administration on the Urgent Need for Reconstruction of the Wangzhai River Bridge on the S316 (Zhengmi Road) Line”, which showed that the Wangzhai River Bridge was built in August 1991 with a length of 54 Meters, the bridge deck is 165 meters wide. It is a pre-bent top stress bridge. The concrete on the right side of the first expansion joint of the bridge cracked and fell off to form a loophole of about one square meter. The bridge deck was severely cracked, and cracks appeared in the beam slab and abutment cap. The upper side members of the two abutments on the right side were broken; Bridge No. 0 Longitudinal cracks appeared on the upper part of the platform, and serious safety hazards existed. There is an urgent need to strengthen the bridge, and 1.38 million yuan is needed.

Zheng Jie, director of the Maintenance Department of Zhengzhou Highway Administration, told reporters: After the danger occurred, the Zhengzhou Highway Administration immediately reported the danger to the higher-level competent authority and organized experts to appraise the dangerous bridge. At the same time, the Xinmi City Highway Administration was ordered to carry out traffic control on the Wangzhai River Bridge, add no-go signs, and send special personnel to guard the bridge 24 hours to ensure that there are no safety incidents on the bridge. At the same time, Director Zheng said that the main reason for the damage to the bridge may be caused by too many overloaded vehicles in Xinmi in recent years. Director Zheng did not give much explanation for the doubts raised by Mr. Du.

In recent days, bridge collapse accidents have occurred frequently. The people eagerly hope that relevant departments can pay attention to it and control the quality from the source of construction. Zhongquan Road and Bridge will pay attention to you together

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