940 mixing hopper loader has low fuel consumption and fast discharge L

The cleaning method of the mixing bucket small loader is actually very simple: just put water and a little stone into the mixing host and stir for 5-10 minutes. After cleaning, all the materials in the machine are removed, and there should be no accumulation of water or material. However, if there is already condensed concrete inside the small mixing bucket loader, we can’t clean it up like this, then how can we clean it up? We can’t hit with a big hammer, because we can only use a small chisel to chip away the solidified concrete because it damages the mixing drum. In summary, the mixing bucket loader must be cleaned up in time every time it finishes its work.
1. The mixing bucket loader is of high quality, and the manufacturing equipment and technological process of the industry are the guarantee of reliable quality;
2. Optimized design of mixing bucket loader, with strong versatility of main components;
3. The mixing bucket loader uses hydraulic gearbox and hydraulic torque converter, which makes the power transmission more reliable and more flexible.
4. The mixing bucket loader has a large wheelbase, reasonable bridge load distribution, high traction and breakout force, and good overall machine form and operation stability;
5. The mixing bucket loader adopts low-pressure wide-base off-road tires, and the rear axle can swing up and down around the center, so it has good off-road performance and passing performance, and is suitable for driving and working on rugged roads;
6. The pin shaft sleeve of the mixing bucket loader adopts a sealed structure to prevent dust and dirt and increase the service life;

The loader mixer is a loader bucket hydraulic concrete mixer. It uses the loading and unloading principle of the loader, the principle of self-moving and the working principle of the forced concrete mixer to realize the self-loading, mixing, transfer and unloading of concrete mixing. Thereby effectively reducing construction costs and energy consumption. The loader mixer has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, low labor intensity of the operator, high work efficiency, and no power supply. It is suitable for small sites and field concrete operations. It has multiple functions and effectively improves work efficiency. It is ideal for concrete construction projects.

The mixing bucket loader overcomes the shortcomings of the use of multiple machinery in the construction of concrete projects, such as the use of multiple machinery, multiple people, large space occupation, large dependence on power supply, and other shortcomings. It can achieve multiple uses, flexibility and convenience, construction costs and energy consumption, and energy saving and emission reduction. The bucket type mixing tank is its key part. The loader with mixing bucket is easy to use, saving labor and time, and one machine has multiple uses.
The loader mixing bucket is a kind of construction machinery. Simply put, it is a new type of machine that combines the bucket of the loader and the forced single-cylinder concrete mixer, which can be widely used in the field of concrete construction. The existing concrete production is to put sand, cement, stones, water and other materials into a traditional mixer in proportion, and the mixer is driven by an AC power source to mix the concrete raw materials. After completion, the finished concrete is unloaded from the mixer, loaded into a transport truck, and the concrete is transported to the place of use. It is cumbersome, time-consuming and laborious, and relies heavily on AC power, which is not conducive to field construction and also consumes energy.
The purpose of the present invention is to provide a new type of machine in view of the above-mentioned shortcomings in concrete construction. One machine can realize the functions of loading, mixing, shifting, and unloading of traditional concrete construction operations. The object of the present invention can be achieved by the following measures.
This loader mixer uses mature loader production technology and integrated concrete mixer production technology. The concrete mixer is modified and installed on the bucket position of the loader, and the hydraulic transmission device of the loader is used to drive the mixer to work, which can be used for the convenience of the loader. The mobile performance and the advantages of self-loading and unloading, and the mixing function of the concrete mixer can be used. One machine can realize the multiple functions of loading, mixing, transfer and unloading.

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