2015 The 10th China (Shanghai) International Environmental Monitoring Instrument Exhibition

Time: October 21-23, 2015 Address: Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center for International Sourcing

International trade industry base Build a domestic demand platform Create opportunities to promote industry development


Invited unit: China Environmental Industry Association?? China Testing Instrumentation Society?

Supporting unit: Environmental Monitoring Center of Zhejiang Province????? Environmental Monitoring Center of Jiangsu Province??

Organizer: Huanrun Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

·Exhibition background

In order to promote the development of my country’s environmental protection industry, recommend advanced and applicable technologies at home and abroad, and build a supply and demand platform, the 2015 10th China (Shanghai) International Environmental Monitoring Instrument Exhibition was hosted by the Chinese environmental authority—China Environmental Monitoring Association. “Development” as the theme, with brand display and trade cooperation as the main line, and market development as the guide, it will establish a new vane for my country’s environmental instrument industry. Provide international business for trade circulation, technical exchanges, and resource expansion in the global environmental monitoring industry platform. Shanghai is one of China’s important trade bases. The environmental monitoring system is an indispensable part of the national environmental protection system. According to the plan, my country will carry out heavy metals, toxic and harmful pollutants in key areas and river basins, and endanger human and ecological environmental health. Investigation of pollutant pollution status; research on the migration and transformation rules of contaminants and regional joint prevention measures and mechanisms; carry out surveys of pollutants in exhaust gas and wastewater discharged by major industries and environmental damage assessment, and carry out environmental early warning and emergency monitoring technology research. In order to strengthen the exchange of environmental monitoring technology and environmental monitoring equipment research and development technology, and seek cooperation with foreign countries, to improve my country’s environmental monitoring technology level, develop advanced monitoring equipment with my country’s independent intellectual property rights, and improve domestic monitoring equipment It is very necessary and beneficial to hold an international environmental monitoring instrument exhibition in our country to ensure the accuracy, scientificity and representativeness of monitoring information.

·market dissemination

We will invite high-quality professional visitors to the exhibition through the following methods:

It will be comprehensively reported by more than 200 media at home and abroad, and the number of media and reporting strength are the highest in similar exhibitions.This exhibition is planned to be

It sends out 50,000 pieces of exhibition-related invitation information such as invitation letters, admission tickets, visitor guides, etc. by means of distribution, mailing, etc., and mass releases

20,000 faxes and 200,000 short messages were sent in groups. For professional buyers, an appointment registration system was implemented to ensure the quality of the audience.

For high-level leaders of government departments and professional institutions, the exhibition office uses telephone contact, door-to-door visits, summit promotion, etc.

Extensively invite high-level people in the industry to attend the meeting.

Cooperate with various industry associations, exchange resources, and invite many interested companies in related fields to visit and discuss cooperation


Registration and exhibition: October 19-20, 2015 Opening ceremony: October 21, 2015 (9:00)

Exhibition: October 21-23, 2015 Withdrawal: Afternoon of October 23, 2015

·Exhibition scope

1. Continuous automatic monitoring and analysis system of environmental water quality

2. Wastewater automatic online monitoring and analysis system

3. Ambient air monitoring equipment: continuous automatic monitoring and analysis system for sampling equipment, atmospheric and exhaust gas, particulate matter (PM2.5), industrial gas, indoor air and other monitoring equipment

4. Automatic online monitoring and analysis system for exhaust gas pollution sources

5. Groundwater analysis and monitoring equipment

6. Soil analysis equipment for contaminated sites

7. Odor real-time monitoring automatic online system

8. Radioactivity, light, heat detector and continuous automatic monitoring system

9. Noise, vibration tester and continuous automatic monitoring system

10. Laboratory analysis equipment

11. Environmental pollution accident emergency and portable monitoring equipment

12. Special equipment for sampling and monitoring of water pollutants

13. Special instruments and equipment for sampling and monitoring of gas pollutants

14. Motor vehicle exhaust emission mobile monitoring system

15. Data processing and transmission and other special monitoring instruments and equipment

16. Laboratory equipment such as standard materials, chemical reagents and glassware used for monitoring and analysis


Specifications and requirements

Domestic enterprises

Joint venture

Foreign companies

Standard booth

3m ╳ 3m

14000 yuan/pc

17000 yuan/pc

4000 USD/pc

Dual position

3m ╳ 3m

15000 yuan/piece

18,000 yuan/piece

4200 USD/pc

Indoor open space

Order from 36m²

1400 yuan/m²

1700 yuan/m²

400 USD/m²

The standard booth configuration includes: each standard booth has three wall panels, two spotlights, a consultation desk, two chairs, carpet, a 220V AC power socket, fascia board in Chinese and English, etc. There is no configuration for the indoor raw space booth: (The minimum rent is 36㎡).

·Conference Directory Advertisement


Inside front cover

Inside back cover

back cover

Title page

Color inside pages

20000 yuan

16000 yuan

10,000 Yuan

18,000 yuan

16000 yuan

6000 yuan

·Contact information

Organizing Committee Office: Huanrun Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 021-6051 6642

Fax: 021-6419 9232

Contact: Yuan Yuling 18321586095

Mail:[email protected]

Website: www.shlwlh.com

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