2014 Shanghai Hardware Show

TwentiethfiveChina International Hardware Fair and2014spring(125Session)National Hardware Commodities Fair

【Exhibition time】2014year3moon12-14day

[Exhibition location]Shanghai New International Expo Center

[Sponsor]China Wujinjiaodian Chemical Business Association

China Building Decoration Association

China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Metals, Minerals and Chemicals

[Co-organizer]Power Tools Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association

Shanghai Tool Industry Association

ShanghaiHardware Commercial Industry Association

Hardware Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce

【Exhibition Unit】ShanghaiShow Bo ExhibitionLimited company

Hui Hardware Boutique,Exhibition industry style!

The 25th China International Hardware Fair is scheduled to be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on March 12-14, 2014.

As China’s oldest and most influential hardware professional exhibition, the China International Hardware Fair has developed into the world’s largest professional hardware exhibition, and has been highly regarded and praised by people in the hardware industry at home and abroad. In March 2013, the 23rd China International Hardware Fair was successfully held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The indicators of the exhibition reached a record high, with an exhibition area of ​​nearly 120,000 square meters, more than 2,100 domestic and foreign exhibitors, and a total of 6,272 booths. , There were more than 40,000 professional visitors, the professional branch halls were more complete, the categories of exhibitors continued to expand, and the activities during the exhibition became more abundant, and the quality and cohesion of the exhibition were further improved.

The 25th China International Hardware Fair, which will be held in March 2014, will make another breakthrough. It will open 11 exhibition halls in Shanghai New International Expo Center, with an indoor and outdoor exhibition area of ​​130,000 square meters, and more than 6,800 standard booths. It is expected to participate in the exhibition. More than 2500 enterprises. While maintaining the growth of the traditional categories of tools and hardware, this year’s expo will comprehensively integrate the industrial chain and industry resources, expand welding, pneumatic appliances, machinery and various electromechanical products on a large scale, and further enhance the value of the exhibited categories and exhibits.

At present, the world economy is in a moderate upward phase in the post-crisis era. China’s economy continues to develop steadily. The Chinese hardware industry is moving forward steadily on the road of transforming small hardware to large hardware and traditional hardware to modern hardware. Choose the exhibition platform,Make friends from all over the world,Demonstrate the strength of the company,Strive for business opportunities from all directions. We believe that with the accumulation and trust of the industry, relying on our enthusiasm and focus, the 25th China International Hardware Fair in March 2014 will make another achievement! Let us share the upcoming industry feast together!

【Conference Arrangement】

●Holding time:2014year3moon12-14day

●Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (Longyang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai2345No)

●Conference schedule: exhibition time:2014year3moon9day13:30-11day

Exhibition time:2014year3moon12-14day

Exhibitors scope:

1. Hand tools: traditional hand tools, combination tools, auto maintenance tools, garden tools, tool bags, measuring tools, cutting tools;

2. Electric tools: traditional electric tools, pneumatic appliances, hydraulic tools, abrasives;

3. Mechanical equipment: woodworking machinery, garden machinery, cleaning machinery, packaging machinery, metal processing machinery, lifting equipment, spraying equipment;

4. Welding equipment: electric welding equipment and equipment, gas welding, gas cutting equipment, welding auxiliary equipment, welding materials, accessories;

5. Hardware products: architectural hardware, decorative hardware, door and window hardware, plumbing hardware, bathroom hardware, standard fasteners, hardware miscellaneous goods;

6. Mechanical and electrical products: water pumps, air compressors, motors, generators, water supply and drainage equipment, bearings;

7. Manufacturing Equipment:Forging equipment, heat treatment equipment, finishing equipment, packaging equipment, logistics equipment, and others;

8. Other products: electrical materials, fire-fighting equipment, safety protection, labor insurance products;

Booth and quotation:

(1)Total number of booths: The total exhibition area is 130,000 square meters, and 6650 international standard booths are designed:

(2)Booth Quotation:Raw space 950 yuan/square meter (E6Guan Guangdi850 yuan/square meter), 500 yuan/square meter for outdoor exhibition area;

Standard booth 8,500 yuan/piece (E6PavilionStandard booth 8000 yuan/piece),Special Exhibition9000 yuan/piece,

All standard booths with openings on both sides (including special-shaped standard exhibitions) will be charged an additional 500 yuan/piece;

☆Exhibitors are required to make an appointment and pay for the license for the outdoor exhibition vehicle license 2,000 yuan/piece.

(3)Discount:5% discount for raw space above 54 square meters (inclusive); 10% discount for raw space above 72 square meters (inclusive);

15% discount for raw space above 90 square meters (inclusive); 20% discount for raw space above 108 square meters (inclusive);

There are no discounts for standard booths (including special-shaped standard booths).

【Conference Promotion and Service】

1、Publishing news and advertising exhibition information in many news media;

2,strengthenandHardwareProfessional mediaPropaganda between, websites and publicationsCooperate to launch exhibition promotional materials; print visiting invitations and exhibitionsConference report, etc. sent to dealers and users;

3, Print the conference catalogue in both Chinese and English, and publish the directory and company profile for exhibitors free of charge;

4, Provide free working lunches for exhibitors, two for each standard booth; provide accommodation and transportation services for participants;

5, Provide exhibitors with free exhibit delivery and storage services (see the exhibitor’s manual for details);

6, The conference accepts various publicity and advertising business (see the list of advertising quotations for details);

7, Resolutely implement the “Measures for the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Exhibitions”, and provide on-site consulting services for the protection of intellectual property rights for exhibitors.

8, For unfinished matters, please call the organizer of the conference for consultation.

【Exhibition Method】

1.Fill in the participation application and contract form and mail or fax it to the organization unit;

2.Exhibitors should apply for booths3Participation fees within days[50%(预付款)或全款]Wire transfer or hand over to the organization unit, the balance should be in2014year01moon10Booths that have been paid in advance and fail to pay in full on time will be deemed to be automatically cancelled, and booth deposits will not be refunded;

3.2014year01moon10Exhibitors who sign up in the future must pay the participation fee in full;

4.After the exhibitor has remitted the various fees, please provide the bank remittance voucher and your company profile (300Print the manuscript within words, and publish the conference catalog for free) and fax it to the organization unit;

5.Exhibitors can only pay within the specified time limit50%After the advance payment, the reserved booth can be reserved;

6.After the organizer receives the application for participation and the full cost of the booth, it will send the “Exhibition Manual” (with the “Booth Confirmation Letter” attached) to the exhibitors to confirm the booth. The “Exhibitor Manual” contains the “Exhibition Receipt” and important information such as booth construction, exhibits delivery, and accommodation reception rules. Exhibitors are requested to read them carefully to understand the exhibition matters.

【Exhibition Office of the Organizing Committee】

Shanghai Showbo Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Address: Caobao Road, Shanghai80NoDseat802Room Zip Code:200235




Contact:Luo Yan13162195650

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