2013 Vietnam Coal and Mining Machinery Industry Exhibition (ASEAN Free Trade Zone Exhibition)

Vietnam International Industrial Fair-VIIF 2013

2013Year**twenty twoInternational Industrial Exhibition

Coal and mining machinery and equipment exhibition

time:10moon16-20day Place:**Hanoi Jiangwu International Convention and Exhibition Center

Invitation card

organizer:**National Ministry of Industry **National Ministry of Science and Technology **National Ministry of Transport

**Ministry of State Planning and Investment **Ministry of Environment and Resources **Ministry of Construction

**National Ministry of Trade **nation*** **Hanoi City People’s Government

organizer:**Trade Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Chinese exhibitors:Guangxi Nanning China Expo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

**The foundation of machinery industry is weak,Heavily dependent on imports

** is a member of the ASEAN** trade area.2009 Year** owned 9 Tens of millions of people, annual **P Reach 91.8 Trillions of dollars. In recent years, the ** economy has achieved sustained and significant development.2010 year **P The growth rate is 6.4%,according to Economist Intelligence Unitexist 2010year 7 Report of the month,2011 year****PWill reach 6.9%growth of.VINACOMIN (**National Coal Industry Group)Plans have been made to restore the largest coal deposit in the northern part of the country.It is estimated 210 Trillion tons of deposits are located in the five northern provinces (Hung Yen, Nam Dinh, Thai Binh, Hai Duong, Hai Phong )3500 Within kilometers.The Red River Delta Coal Basin is currently the country’s largest coal deposits (located in the north Quang Ninh Province 20 Multiple times.With the main goal of producing high-quality aluminum from bauxite resources, 2015 Year is even expected 2025 The zoning plan for the exploration, development, processing and utilization of bauxite resources in 2015 has been approved.VINACOMIN Have signed and agreed to Tay Nguyen Take the main responsibility in the bauxite engineering.

Coal potential: In many places in China, coal exists in the form of peat, lignite, fat coal and anthracite. **There are approximately 200 Coal mines with total reserves of approximately 70 100 million tons, of which anthracite and semi-anthracite are about 35 Billion tons. The lignite found in the northern delta reveals huge potential reserves here. According to official media reports,Vinacomin Plan to invest in the basin 59100 million 7 Tens of millions of dollars to develop 11Items.

Bauxite potential: **Total possession is approximately 55 Billion tons of bauxite resources, they are concentrated in Tay Nguyen Province. The use of bauxite here is the government’s priority.arrive 2015In 2009, the output of the ** alum product is expected to reach 600 10,000 tons to 850 Million tons.arrive2025 Years, it is expected to reach 130010,000 tons to 1800Million tons.At the same time, ** is expected to be produced every year 40 10,000 tons to80Tons of aluminum.

In addition to coal and bauxite, ** also has abundant reserves, various forms, and high-quality mineral resources.According to survey estimates, ** and 10Billion tons of iron ore,2000 Ten thousand tons of iron ore,7510,000 tons of copper, and considerable reserves of tin, gold, lead, zinc, uranium, antimony, rare earths, chromium, limestone and clay.

By 2010, 93% of China’s imports from ASEAN will achieve zero tariffs.By implementing tax reductions, Chinese and ASEAN companies have reduced their tariff-related expenditures and lowered their operating costs.According to statistics, in 2008, China imported 6.1 billion U.S. dollars of benefited goods from ASEAN, and it provided 3.2 billion yuan in preferential taxes for enterprises. At the same time, Chinese companies have applied for 184,000 Preferential Certificates of Origin for the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area and exported 5.1 billion U.S. dollars of benefited goods to ASEAN. According to the tariff reduction model prescribed by the Free Trade Area, China’s average tariff on ASEAN has been reduced to 5.8% since January 1, 2007; on January 1, 2009, it was further reduced to 2.4%.After the official launch of the tax reduction plan for trade in goods between China and ASEAN, this will undoubtedly prompt ChinaAs the bilateral trade volume of ASEAN further grows, Chinese enterprises will face more favorable development opportunities to explore the ASEAN market.

**At this stage, the market has a very strong demand for various mechanical equipment and related products to promote social and economic construction. But at the same time, facing the characteristics of high price of European and American industrial products, high maintenance and maintenance costs, and high dependence on original accessories, it is eager to import a large number of advanced and moderately priced mechanical equipment that is convenient for maintenance and daily maintenance, and Chinese machinery and equipment ” “Good quality and low price”, strong practicability, bordering **, convenient personnel exchanges, and low freight transportation costs are the best entry points for Chinese companies to enter the ** market.

Exhibition introduction:The “** International Industrial Exhibition” has received strong support from the Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of Trade and other ministries and commissions, as well as the Hanoi Municipal People’s Government. It is one of the well-known important brand exhibitions in Southeast Asia.twenty oneYears of history. With its good reputation and extensive publicity, the annual exhibition has attracted attention from the same industry at home and abroad and has become the largest international and professional industrial exhibition. **Exhibitors at home and abroad700Many, among which foreign companies are close to220Family.

Exhibition area of ​​the last exhibition1.1510,000 square meters, outdoor area4000Square meters; the number of visitors reaches7Ten thousand people/Second-rate, Professional audience rate is as high as70%. From 20 countries and regions including **, South Korea, China, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Thailand, Cuba, Czech Republic, India, France, Malaysia, Australia, Netherlands, Indonesia, Russia and Taiwan.

one,The exhibition involves product areas:

Coal production equipment:Shearers and accessories, brackets and accessories, scraper conveyors and accessories, pumping stations;

Roadway excavation and support:Roadway excavation equipment, roadway support materials, roadway support equipment (drilling rigs and bolts)

Coal mine transportation equipment:Underground transportation equipment, transportation equipment accessories, auxiliary transportation, material storage, coal loading, rock loader;

Coal washing and processing:Washing equipment, coal coke chemical industry, coal processing;

Coal mine safety and monitoring:Coal mine safety production control system, underground wireless communication;

Mine service:Geological prospecting, ventilation equipment, drainage equipment, equipment repair, hydraulic machinery, sealing and lubrication, steel wire rope and testing, coal mine design and scientific research, computer application in mining, consulting and trade, mine rescue, mine cooling;

Mine mechanical and electrical equipment and materials:Explosion-proof equipment, transformers and substations, clutches, switches, motors, bearings, electronic scales, feeders, miners’ lamps, mining safety materials, mining pipes and chains, and mining cables;

Surface coal mine equipment:Mining, transportation and loading equipment; electric shovel, hydraulic shovel, loaders, rock drills, rock drilling rigs, heavy vehicles and other transportation equipment;

Coal mine gas utilization and generating sets: coal mine gas management, development and production technical equipment; gas transmission complete sets of technical equipment and related instruments.

two,schedule:(The specific itinerary and activity arrangements are prior to departure15Days will be subject to further notice, Hereby specify)

3. Participation fees Please call and post for consultation

4. Participation form:

The first form:Exhibit and rent booth independently The strength of the enterprise, the product image is intuitive, the negotiation is convenient, and the effect is directly obvious.

The second form:Only visit the exhibition and inspect the market without renting booths Can participate in the exhibition for free to organize all trade promotion and business activities. Participating companies only need to bring product manuals or small samples to participate in the exhibition advertising and promotion, and they can directly contact the ** merchants, and there are also many business opportunities.

For related enquiries, please contact: Guangxi Nanning Huabo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

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