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The new type of cab, with a roof, allows operators to live their lives during construction, making the operating environment comfortable. This model is equipped with wide tires, and the service life of tires is 3 times longer than that of other brand loaders of the same model. This model is used in mines, underground roadways and mining areas (metal mines) and other places. Jinhong Machinery Zhongshou Heavy Industry, the price is low, factory direct sales, eliminating the dealer, is equivalent to eliminating the price, we wholeheartedly serve you with good product quality, we have a complete team, online to answer your concerns.

Mining excavator loaders are mechanical equipment, mainly used for phosphate mines, iron ore, copper mines, gold mines, silver mines, lead-zinc mines, coal mine roadways and other mines, hydropower and tunnel projects in narrow-space tunnel mining operations. The gravel and soil materials are collected and transported for construction and loading.

It is a production device with a manipulator connected to a conveyor, slag removal and conveying and loading functions. It adopts a production device with an electric full hydraulic control system. It has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, low energy consumption, and high efficiency. It is an indispensable advanced mining equipment for mining enterprises and a substitute for labor and other machinery.

The products comply with the standards of JB/T 5503-2004 “Vertical Backhoe Loader” and Q/DK01-2009 “Backhoe Loader for Coal Mines”.

Environmental conditions for mining loaders:

1) The slope of the roadway is not more than 15°;

2) The ambient temperature of the roadway is -5℃~+40℃, and the relative humidity is not more than 90% (when the temperature is 25℃);

3) The altitude of the place of use does not exceed 1000m. When used in a plateau environment with an altitude of more than 1000m, necessary measures or special design should be taken according to the situation;

4) The size of the loaded ore rock does not exceed 400mm;

5) The voltage limit deviation is ±5%. The limit deviation of AC frequency is ±1%;

6) The coal dust and methane explosive gas content around the loader should meet the safety content specified in the coal mine safety regulations.

Structural features and working principle

Overall structure and working principle, working performance

The mining excavator is mainly composed of three major mechanisms of driving, digging and conveying, and two major systems of hydraulic and electrical. Through the coordination and cooperation of various parts, the hydraulic, electrical actuators and mechanical transmission mechanism finally realize the specified actions and complete the various operating processes.This machine integrates four performances: hydraulic walking, excavation and collection, transportation, and loading.

The top of our mining loader bucket is made of strong steel wear plates, and the boom is also thickened to 300mm, which improves the safety factor. The exhaust gas passes throughWater filtration, black smoke purifier. , There is no harm to the staff, and there is a reinforced protective shed. The height of the protective shed can be adjusted, and it can work normally in a small space.

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